Southeastern Jurisdiction
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world


   The Southeastern Jurisdiction Association for Native American Ministries (SEJANAM) was created by Native Americans and established by the 1984 Jurisdictional Conference to help create:

  • Awareness and Dialogue,
  • New Congregations and Ministries,
  • Leadership Enlistment and Training,
  • Inter-Tribal Witness and Sharing,
  • Cross-Cultural Witness and Sharing, and
  • Sensitivity to Inclusiveness. 

SEJANAM serves the 15 annual conferences of the SEJ, 23 Native American churches, 3 ministries of the SEJ, and seeks to serve approximately 210,000 Native Americans of the nine southeastern states of the SEJ.

SEJANAM Mission Statement


  • Governor's Commission on Community Service (State of North Carolina) (click here)
  • North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs (click here)
  • Triangle Native American Society (North Carolina) (click here)
  • National Congress of American Indians (click here)