Southeastern Jurisdiction
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

About SEJ


Welcome to the Southeastern Jurisdiction (SEJ). As a ministry of The United Methodist Church, we provide spiritual formation, leadership development, and worship opportunities for all throughout the Southeastern Jurisdiction and beyond. We believe that informed, trained, and challenged Christians can bring much-needed transformation to the church and communities all over the world.

SEJ programs and facilities are found throughout the Jurisdiction. We strive to unify the Jurisdiction as we work with Annual Conferences to improve the quality and scope of our ministries. Each year thousands of people participate in our programs, and the impact is felt throughout the world. The three agencies - Gulfside, Hinton, and Lake Junaluska - and the various ministries of the SEJ, including the Heritage Center (SEJ Archives and History), the Intentional Growth Center (IGC), and SEJ United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM), all seek to engage persons throughout the Jurisdiction in growing in spirituality and service to God.

We see a future in which we live our oneness in Christ in a covenant community that includes all God's people. We are happy for the growing number of racial-ethnic groups that participate in the ministries of the SEJ and for a more inclusive staff. We desire to continue to grow in both of these areas. The Jurisdiction provides resources, centers, and experiences to assist that vision to become reality.

We strive for inclusivity, innovative leadership, partnership, mission, spirituality, and stewardship to guide our work. We trust God that our mission encompasses everything we do. As we "serve God by connecting individuals, congregations, and conferences in discipleship with Jesus Christ through The United Methodist Church," we invite you to join us as we become more effective servants of Jesus Christ.

Join us in being more effective servants of Christ as we move into the future.

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