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Monday, May 16, 2022
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SEJ Episcopal Nominee Information

Welcome to the page to provide Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference delegates with information about the process for assignment of Bishops in the SEJ, as well as information about persons nominated by their respective delegations to be considered for the episcopacy.
We invite you to study this page carefully, consider the information provided, and pray for those persons nominated to be a part of this important process. Pray also for discernment in the decisions to be made, including the assignment of our episcopal leaders to areas of the Jurisdiction.
Information will continue to be posted as it is received.

Questions Provided by SEJ Committee on Episcopacy

The SEJ Committee on Episcopacy provided nominees with a set of questions and asked that each respond. The responses submitted by each nominee can be viewed by clicking on the individual's name.
A statement to the SEJ Conference from Rev. Tom Berlin (VA Conference) can be found here. This statement is posted Sunday, June 12.
Bryan, Lawson (Alabama-West Florida Conference) Responses
Fairley, Leonard (North Carolina Conference) Responses
Graves, David (Holston Conference) Responses
Grieb, Tom (Kentucky Conference) Responses
Haupert-Johnson, Sue (Florida Conference) Responses
Howell, James (Western North Carolina Conference) Responses
Lewis, Sharma (North Georgia Conference) Responses
McClendon, Tim (South Carolina Conference) Responses
McCracken, Sky (Memphis Conference) Responses
Scott, Robin (North Alabama Conference) Responses
Smith, Ted (BMCR of Virginia Conference) Responses
Sparks, Stephen (Mississippi Conference) Responses
Stuart, Farley (Red Bird Missionary Conference) Responses

Videotaped Speeches of Episcopal Nominees at General Conference

During the General Conference held in Portland, Oregon, two lunchtime sessions were held to allow episcopal nominees speak to delegates, reserve delegates, and other visitors to General Conference from the Southeast Jurisdiction. The videotaped presentations are available at the link beside each person's biographical information. Each nominee was given 6 minutes to respond to these two questions:
  1. Name two of the most important accomplishments in your ministry (your track record).
  2. Tell us where your passion lies and how you would bring it to life, if elected.

Biographical Information and Photographs of Episcopal Nominees

Bryan, Lawson (Alabama-West Florida Conference) (video here)
Fairley, Leonard (North Carolina Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Graves, David (Holston Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Grieb, Tom (Kentucky Conference) (video here)
Haupert-Johnson, Sue (Florida Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Howell, James (Western North Carolina Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Lewis, Sharma (North Georgia Conference) (photo here) (video here)
McClendon, Tim (South Carolina Conference) (photo here) (video here)
McCracken, Sky (Memphis Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Scott, Robin (North Alabama Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Smith, Ted (BMCR of Virginia Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Sparks, Stephen (Mississippi Conference) (photo here) (video here)
Stuart, Farley (Red Bird Missionary Conference) (video here)

 Web Sites of Episcopal Nominees

Bryan, Lawson (Alabama-West Florida Conference)
Fairley, Leonard (North Carolina Conference)
Graves, David (Holston Conference)
Grieb, Tom (Kentucky Conference)
Haupert-Johnson, Sue (Florida Conference)
Howell, James (Western North Carolina Conference)
Lewis, Sharma (North Georgia Conference)
McClendon, Tim (South Carolina Conference)
McCracken, Sky (Memphis Conference)
Sparks, Stephen (Mississippi Conference)
Stuart, Farley (Red Bird Missionary Conference)