Southeastern Jurisdiction
Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Since 1969, the Southeastern United Methodist Agency for Rehabilitation (SEMAR), a ministry of the Southeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church, has been in continuous ministry to persons with disabilities across the southeastern United States. SEMAR originated the group home concept now in use across the U.S. and remains committed to expanding our ministry to include not only those with developmental disabilities, but the culturally deaf, the blind, the mobility impaired, and those suffering from chronic and terminal illness.

While SEMAR is a ministry of The United Methodist Church, our homes and services are provided to all persons regardless of religious preference, race, marital status, national origin, or sexual orientation. If we can help you, your local church, district, or conference with accessibility or disability issues, please contact SEMAR at the email address below and give us the opportunity to be of service.

"To not have a disability is a condition that very few people have for only a short period of time. If you live long enough, you will join the rest of us where your life is either controlled by your disabilities or you choose to emphasize your abilities."

Martha Stokes, Chair of the SEMAR Board

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